Pokemon Uranium 4.0 Released!

4.0 launch posterAt long last, the time has come! It’s been months of coming up with designs, making pixels, writing dialogues, and testing and re-testing and changing it up and testing again that we’ve finally reached a product which we’re proud to present to the public: POKEMON URANIUM 4.0.

I’ve talked about Uranium on this blog multiple times before, such as in this post, and it’s the platform for many of my fakemon designs such as Shrumputy & Krillvolver as well as Masking & Dramsama. Although the game isn’t finished yet, I’m quite proud of the state it’s in right now. With hours of content and over 100 all-new Fakemon designs, it’s unlike any other Pokemon fangame project out there.

Uranium has a team of 2 developers and a handful of beta testers, which is my excuse for why it’s been a year and a half since the last beta (v3.1, released May 2013). But then again, very few Pokemon fangames ever get that far to begin with.


Here’s what’s in v4.0:

  • 135 Pokemon (54 more than the last beta — mostly fakemon, some canon ‘mons with new evolutions)
  • 7 Gyms
  • Mega Evolution
  • Virtual Trainer (upload your team, battle an AI controlled version — there are ranked battles!)
  • GTS and Wonder Trade, so that you can catch ’em all!
  • Nuclear Type (a new type, weak to everything and strong against everything)

Here’s what’s not in 4.0:

  • Gym #8
  • The end of the plot
  • The Elite Championship
  • The legendaries
  • Insufficient Ninjas
  • Several planned sidequests
  • …honestly I can just keep adding to this game forever, I will never be satisfied.

126129 131

Since I’m going away for 4 months to study abroad — did I mention that? — and I’ll be doing a Social Media fast during that time, and since JV’s going on vacation starting tomorrow, Christmas Eve seemed like the perfect day to launch the beta. It’s our holiday gift to everybody.

My favorite comment so far? “I’m going to download this game onto my sister’s laptop, and tell her I paid money for it.”

I couldn’t ask for anything more than that. (Except for a prominent YouTuber to pick it up for a Let’s Play; here’s looking at you MunchingOrange! TheJwittz? Hello?)

From me to you, happy holidays! I hope you have a great time, whether you’re spending quality time with people you love, reveling in the joy of exchanging gifts, or spending hours alone in your room playing video games. 🙂

Here’s that download link again.

Much love,

~ Oripoke


Fakemon Designs: Masking & Dramsama

099 Masking100 Dramsama

Name: Masking & Dramsama
Type: Psychic, Psychic/Ghost
Classification: The Masquerade Pokemon
Ability: Illusion
Moves: Psyshock, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Pain Split
Evolution: Masking -(lv.45)-> Dramsama

It is capable of disguising itself as anything it likes. Although it appears to be a bird Pokémon, this is just an illusion. No one has seen its true form.”

A sinister and vengeful Pokémon, it puts its foes into an eternal sleep and steals their souls to add to its tail.”

[Full stats, moveset & dex info on the Pokemon Uranium Wiki]

Time for a new update, and… it’s another psychic type fakemon. I know, this is the third one in a row. But not just any psychic types! These are some of my designs from Pokemon Uranium, and you might recognize Dramsama from my avatar here on WordPress. That’s not arbitrary — these 2, and especially Dramsama, are my favorite fakemon I’ve ever made. In fact, part of my reason behind creating this blog was so that I could finally explain the convoluted inspiration behind this design and why I love it so much.

Masking & Dramsama Sprites

Before I get into the nitty-gritty details, though, I want to talk about Dramsama as a Battle Pokemon. Dramsama boosts a nearly unique type combination of Psychic/Ghost (only shared with the legendary Hoopa), and has a diverse kit full of moves designed to trip an opponent up, including Trick Room, Confuse Ray, Recover, and Skill Swap. It also learns Transform, for the lulz, and also because a Pokemon with base 135 HP using Transform is scary as heck. (Transform Dramsama would likely be banned in competitive play, but it’s in Uranium because we can.) Its stats are:

135 HP / 25 Atk / 90 Def / 105 Sp. Atk / 65 Sp. Def / 95 Speed

Its ability, Illusion, is the same as Zoroark’s, meaning that it can switch in disguised as another Pokemon and really mess with your head. It is the ultimate master of mind games. Fittingly, it is the signature Pokemon of the 6th Gym Leader in Pokemon Uranium, whose gym is in an opera house and who specializes in Pokemon that deceive and trick their opponents.

Rosalind, leader of Venisi City Gym

Did I mention that it also has a Mega Evolution???

Mega Dramsama

Woah, woah, you may be thinking. What makes this Pokemon so special that it deserves a ludicrously overpowered moveset, stats, and a Mega Evolution? Why is this fake different from all other fakes? And what in the world is it even supposed to be, anyway? Dear reader, read on…

The Design

masking dramsama transparent

Masking and Dramsama are based on a multitude of things, as my Fakemon generally are. They are based on birds, specifically quails and peacocks, but (as Masking’s dex entry says), they are also not really birds at all but weird, illusory, mysterious, slightly spooky things. (Their Egg Group is Amorphous, not Flying.)

A button quail, which is what they are not, but still relevant

They are also based on Venetian masks (and tragedy/comedy masks), fitting in with the dramatical theme of Venisi City and the gym leader.

Venetian Mask

But of course, all this is a ruse. Because what Masking & Dramsama really are is a massive, shameless reference (and a big spoiler) for the video game / visual novel Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star.

You’ve probably heard of Hatoful Boyfriend. “Isn’t that that dating sim where you date birds?” Yes. Yes, it is, and it’s unironically one of my favorite games I’ve ever played. What you probably haven’t heard is that it has a sequel, vaguely Christmas-themed. If you’ve never experienced either of the games, you’ll have difficulty believing what I’m about to tell you, because both games, which seem like mere light-hearted parodies at first, are actually incredibly dark. I’m talking about a story that involves murder, betrayal, war, and suicide. And yes, all the characters are birds.

Masking and Dramsama are based entirely on a character from the second game known as The King (Ousama in Japanese).

The King. Note the resemblance.

Be warned, as talking about this character necessitates spoiling practically the entire plot of Holiday Star. If you’d like to experience this game without any preconceptions — which I highly recommend — you can buy the game here and witness it all for yourself.

[Incidentally, you can now also get Hatoful Boyfriend HD Edition on Steam, for more lovey-dovey goodness. I digress.]

The plot of Holiday Star is as follows: The human protagonist (Hiyoko), her ghost bird boyfriend (Nageki) [it’s a long story] and all her other bird friends fall under a mysterious sleep and arrive, via train, at an enchanted fairy tale land known as the Holiday Star. There, they meet The King, a strange… bird-like… thing… who speaks in third person and sends them off on various tasks across the Holiday Star. But shortly into your quest, the protagonist starts noticing that there’s something… off about the King…


that’s not….. normal……..

Once the heroes complete their tasks, expecting the sun to rise and the dream to end, they find that they are trapped on the Holiday Star, and The King will not allow them to leave. Their real-life bodies are trapped in comas, unable to wake. They confront The King, demanding answers, and they learn the true story of the Holiday Star. The King was once a bird (a button quail, in fact) who was betrayed and killed by his closest friend. Unwilling to move on to the afterlife, he instead formed the Holiday Star, an illusory world which traps wayward souls in its false light. The King then absorbs those souls into his own consciousness.


The King is all, and all are The King.

Outraged that the heroes would defy him and bring conflict to the Holiday Star, The King shucks off his bird-like shape and assumes his true form: a nightmarish vortex of all the undead souls it has consumed.

Again, note the resemblance. Also: horrifying

Just when all hope seems lost for the heroes, a timely intervention from the rest of their friends allows Hiyoko and Nageki to escape its grasp and to destroy the source of The King’s power: a magic lantern that he uses to project all the illusions of the Holiday Star. Inside is the “true” king, the original lost soul. Nageki destroys it all setting fire to the magic lantern and willingly burning himself along with it. (Considering the fact that he originally died in a fire, this is twice as symbolic). Fortunately, Hiyoko pulls him out at the last minute, and all the birds, including the lost souls that were trapped by The King, are able to go free.

I can’t overstate how much of an emotional rollercoaster this visual novel is. Following the mostly light-hearted short stories before comes this incredibly dark and disturbing adventure (I just glossed over the backstory here; the real details are unpleasant to say the least) that had my heart pounding in my chest. It wasn’t too surprising though, considering the original game had a bonus storyline that was at least as complex and dramatic. On Steam, one of the genre categories for Hatoful Boyfriend is “Psychological Horror”. Here’s the thing: they aren’t kidding.

I hope this sheds some light on the inspiration behind this Fakemon design. Masking’s name comes from “Mask + King”, whereas Dramsama is “Drama + Ousama”. I will leave you with one other Fakemon, Dramsama’s natural enemy:

101101bName: Antarki
Type: Ghost/Fire
Classification: The Guide Star Pokemon
Ability: Illuminate
Dex: “The ghost of a Pokemon that died before its time. It guides lost souls to the afterlife by the light of its small star.”

It is based on a scorpion, after the constellation Antares, which factors heavily into Nageki’s backstory. 🙂

Catch Masking, Dramsama & Antarki in Pokemon Uranium 4.0, coming soon!

~ Oripoke