Pokemon Uranium 4.0 Released!

4.0 launch posterAt long last, the time has come! It’s been months of coming up with designs, making pixels, writing dialogues, and testing and re-testing and changing it up and testing again that we’ve finally reached a product which we’re proud to present to the public: POKEMON URANIUM 4.0.

I’ve talked about Uranium on this blog multiple times before, such as in this post, and it’s the platform for many of my fakemon designs such as Shrumputy & Krillvolver as well as Masking & Dramsama. Although the game isn’t finished yet, I’m quite proud of the state it’s in right now. With hours of content and over 100 all-new Fakemon designs, it’s unlike any other Pokemon fangame project out there.

Uranium has a team of 2 developers and a handful of beta testers, which is my excuse for why it’s been a year and a half since the last beta (v3.1, released May 2013). But then again, very few Pokemon fangames ever get that far to begin with.


Here’s what’s in v4.0:

  • 135 Pokemon (54 more than the last beta — mostly fakemon, some canon ‘mons with new evolutions)
  • 7 Gyms
  • Mega Evolution
  • Virtual Trainer (upload your team, battle an AI controlled version — there are ranked battles!)
  • GTS and Wonder Trade, so that you can catch ’em all!
  • Nuclear Type (a new type, weak to everything and strong against everything)

Here’s what’s not in 4.0:

  • Gym #8
  • The end of the plot
  • The Elite Championship
  • The legendaries
  • Insufficient Ninjas
  • Several planned sidequests
  • …honestly I can just keep adding to this game forever, I will never be satisfied.

126129 131

Since I’m going away for 4 months to study abroad — did I mention that? — and I’ll be doing a Social Media fast during that time, and since JV’s going on vacation starting tomorrow, Christmas Eve seemed like the perfect day to launch the beta. It’s our holiday gift to everybody.

My favorite comment so far? “I’m going to download this game onto my sister’s laptop, and tell her I paid money for it.”

I couldn’t ask for anything more than that. (Except for a prominent YouTuber to pick it up for a Let’s Play; here’s looking at you MunchingOrange! TheJwittz? Hello?)

From me to you, happy holidays! I hope you have a great time, whether you’re spending quality time with people you love, reveling in the joy of exchanging gifts, or spending hours alone in your room playing video games. 🙂

Here’s that download link again.

Much love,

~ Oripoke


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