Fakemon Designs: Starrmite, Starrnova and Novabyss

ghost star

Name: Starrmite -> Starrnova, Novabyss
Classification: The Red Giant Pokemon -> The White Dwarf Pokemon, The Black Hole Pokemon
Type: Ghost/Fire -> Ghost/Fire, Ghost/Dark
Ability: Levitate, Shadow Tag
Moves: Will-O-Wisp, Heat Wave, Ominous Wind, Dark Pulse, Event Horizon*
Evolution: Starrmite -(Lv. 40, Small or Medium size)-> Starrnova
Starrmite -(Lv.40, Large or Giant size)->Novabyss
They are found in various sizes, ranging from 3 to 10 feet in diameter. Despite its size however, it is not very strong in battle. It drifts aimlessly through the sky, giving off a soft glow.

It has condensed its mass into white-hot energy. It scorches the ground underneath it as it levitates in the air.

Its body is so dense that it exerts its own gravitational pull. It draws its victims in and suffocates them in its folds.

I know it’s been a while, but rest assured, I haven’t forgotten about this blog! I’ve been busy with work… but I hope to bring you even more Fakemon designs and blog posts soon! This particular line of Fakemon were, like the previous line, also inspired by a prompt from the Omnis Region on Tumblr: “A Pokemon that gets smaller as it evolves, rather than larger. Must be Ghost or part-Ghost type.” I thought that was a weird and challenging prompt, so I began brainstorming ideas that could potentially fit this concept. And then it hit me.

The Design

Starrmite, Starrnova and Novabyss are based on the life cycle of a star. Starrmite is based on a red giant, Starrnova a white dwarf, and Novabyss is a black hole.

The evolution of a star.

Depending on the mass of a star, after it becomes a Red Giant or Supergiant, it will collapse into a White Dwarf or a Black Hole after burning through all its fuel. I thought this made a great basis for a split evolution, with a little nod to astronomy at the same time. ;D

I was also inspired by the appearance of a comet for Starrnova’s design:

Like all of my Pokemon that aren’t based on real animals, I also drew inspiration from some existing Pokemon designs. Starrmite and its evos were inspired by:

If you want to think of it as a Gastly with Pumpkaboo’s gimmick, Chandelure’s typing and Spiritomb’s body shape, then you are welcome to do so. But I believe that they are distinct enough, concept- and appearance-wise, to not be direct ripoffs of any single Pokemon. I really like ghost types; I think they are one of the reasons that Pokemon has such distinctive, memorable monster designs. While other games might have an “undead” monster type, Pokemon’s Ghost type comes with a unique archetype and appearance tropes (glowing yellow eyes, sinister expressions, floating in midair, stealing people’s souls, etc).

And because I can, here’s Novabyss’ signature move:

Event Horizon – Type: Dark – Special – 80 Pwr – 10 PP – Effect: Traps the opponent for 3-7 turns. The opponent cannot switch out and loses 1/8 HP every turn.

A few final notes: Starrmite is actually named after my friend Evan @TheStarrcasm, who you might know as one of the developers of the upcoming fangame Pokemon Ethereal Gates. (More on that at a later time.) I even almost named Novabyss “Starrchasm” but chickened out at the last second. The pun level was too high, I couldn’t handle it.

That’s all for now! Until next time!

~ Oripoke