Faketober! #2

My Faketober art challenge — one new fakemon a day, on a Halloween theme — is going strong! In case you’re unaware, you can read up on the details in my previous journal entry. Here are the next batch of spooky designs:

Day 5 – Skeleton

05 Muertosa

Muertosa [grass/ghost]
The Memorial Pokemon

Evolves from Roselia w/ Dusk Stone

The scent of its roses is said to bring back memories of lost loved ones. Their flowers are traditionally left on graves.”

Notes: Muertosa is based on a Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) skeleton. Its name comes from “Muerte” (death) & “Rosa” (rose). I thought making a new evolution for an existing Pokemon would be cool, and Roselia fit the theme the most. Not sure whether I’ll include more evolutions of canon ‘mons in the future.

Day 6 – Swamp Thing

06 Dreadmire

Dreadmire – [water/dark]
It is a cold-blooded predator that dwells in bogs and swamps. It sneaks up on its prey silently, then opens its cavernous jaws to swallow it whole.

Notes: Dreadmire is a fully evolved Pokemon, I plan to design 2 pre-evolutions for it. I don’t have very much else to say about this one; it rather speaks for itself.

Day 7 – Zombie

07 Corpspore

Corpspore – [poison/???*]
A parasitic Pokemon that inhabits dead bodies. It is constantly searching for a bigger, stronger host so that it can better spread its spores.

*It takes on its secondary typing from whatever the host body is.

Notes: Ahhh yes. Corpspore is thus far the most popular and most controversial of my faketober designs. In case the art and Dex didn’t make it clear, it is too small and weak to fight on its own and must reanimate the corpses of other Pokemon. It is not very intelligent; its only desire is to reproduce through whatever means necessary. It sets the stage for a zombie apocalypse, Pokemon-style.

When designing it, I first thought about how a zombie Pokemon should function. I quickly discarded the idea that it should be a humanoid zombie (a la Minecraft, Left 4 Dead, etc.) Then I decided that the Pokemon itself should be the parasite; this gave me an excuse to draw a cool zombified Charizard. Visually, I based it on a mushroom and a squid.

A lot of people were confused how this thing would function in a game. To be clear, I don’t plan to include these designs in any game project right now; however, in-game, I would imagine it would switch hosts in the same way Rotom does, by interacting with objects in the overworld. Such a game would require there to be dead bodies of Pokemon lying around… that’s a little too morbid, I think! So this guy’s just a concept. For now anyway…

Day 8 – Monster

08 Dreamare

Dreamare – [fairy/dark]
The Night Terror Pokemon

“It lurks in people’s bedrooms at night, often hiding in closets or under beds, feeding off energy from dreams. If it feeds on you, you’ll surely experience a petrifying nightmare. It prefers the dreams of small children.”

Notes: My concept for this guy was “Monster Under The Bed”. I wanted to draw something kinda goofy-looking but that would completely terrify a young child. I gave it a kinda psychedelic, Dr. Seuss vibe, and removed its eyes to make it even more unsettling. The stitches are on its body because it hides in beds and closets of children’s rooms, pretending to be a harmless stuffed toy.

Not sure whether to give it an evolution or a preevolution.

Day 9 – Clown

09 Jestorb

Jestorb – [psychic/fire]
The Joker Pokemon

“It has great Pyrokinetic abilities combined with a merciless and sadistic nature. It enjoys setting its enemies on fire and laughing maniacally as they burn.”

Notes: Clowns are creepy! Fire clowns are even creepier! Not gonna lie, I was kind of inspired by Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter for this guy’s design. …What? He’s an evil clown!

Day 10 – Jack-O-Lantern

02 Stumpkin 10 Hollostump

Stumpkin [grass] -> Hollostump [grass/fire]

Evolves at level 16

It slumbers in the earth all day long, absorbing and concentrating the sun’s energy into the brilliant fire that burns inside of it.”

Notes: There are several prompts that I designed to make it easy to create an evolutionary line. Combining 2 concepts into 1 design can often make that design stronger, and I wanted to encourage faketober participants to do exactly that. Pumpkin to Jack-O-Lantern is a pretty logical progression, I think.

I’m still not totally 100% satisfied with my decision to make Hollostump a Fire type. I envisioned these as the Grass starters of whatever region this is, although Grass/Fire is quite an unusual type for a starter Pokemon. However, Grass/Ghost (the next most likely option) is already taken by Muertosa; I promised myself not to make any repeat types. Also, Grass/Ghost would make it too similar to the other jack-o-lantern Pokemon. I tried hard to make this design as distinct from Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist as I possibly could. So, Grass/Fire type it is.

Days 11-12 – Imp & Demon

11 Devimp & Fallengel

12 Beliaddon

The Imp Pokemon
“A Pokemon that is said to originate from a separate plane of existence. It is very curious about the world around it and often gets into mischief as a result.”

The Hellion Pokemon
“It acts like a soldier, obeying orders without hesitation. It seems to have no moral compass and will do whatever its master commands.”

The Infernal Pokemon
“Its kind came out of a fiery chasm which contained an otherworldly portal. A furnace hotter than the sun burns within its chest. If it burns you, the pain will never go away.”

Devimp [fire] -(lv16)-> Fallengel [fire/dragon] -(lv36)-> Beliaddon [fire/dragon]

Notes: Game Freak can never make a Satan dragon Pokemon in their games. But I can!!!!

I’ve wanted to do a demonic Pokemon for a while because I think demons are cool. Dragons are cool also, and the Devil is commonly associated with dragons, so it was an effortless combination. Boy, I had a good time designing & drawing “Charizard from Hell”.

These guys are the fire starters of the Tober region… although that’s not exactly fair to the other starters, since they would easily be the most popular choice.

…Oh, yeah, I’ve named the region that all these fakemon are in the Tober Region. Get it? Puns!

That’s all the Fakemon for now. But remember, though, that I’m posting new ones just about every day on my Twitter @voluntarytwitch and my tumblr oripoke. Remember! Anyone is welcome to make fakemon designs for Faketober. I want to see all the cool & creepy ideas people will come up with!

Stay spooky,

~ Oripoke


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