The Great June Fakeathon 2016

A Pokémon Sun and Moon – themed Fakemon Challenge



What is a Fakeathon?

A Fakeathon is a monthly art challenge that began with the Faketober Challenge in 2015. The concept is simple: design & draw at least one new fakemon a day, for 30 days, based on daily prompts revolving around a theme. You can use any medium: traditional art, digital art, pixel art, whatever. Additional details, such as names, types, stats, etc. are entirely optional and up to you!


How do I participate? Are there any requirements?

Anyone can partake in a Fakeathon! Simply follow the prompt provided for that day – or pick & choose whichever prompts you like! You don’t have to be a serious artist or spend a lot of time on it. You aren’t required to do all 30 fakemon, either – it’s just for fun. Share your designs with others using the #Fakeathon tag on Twitter, Tumblr and DeviantArt.

Spread the love of Pokémon, and let’s ride the Sun and Moon hype train all together!


Daily Prompts

Theme: Hawaiian Flora & Fauna


Day 1 – evolution(s) for Rowlet
Day 2 – Tiki
Day 3 – Dolphin
Day 4 – Goat
Day 5 – Hibiscus
Day 6 – Frog
Day 7 – evolution(s) for Litten
Day 8 – Sea Slug
Day 9 – Hawk
Day 10 – Palm Tree
Day 11 – Butterfly
Day 12 – Tropical Fish
Day 13 – Pig
Day 14 – evolution(s) for Popplio
Day 15 – Lei
Day 16 – Mongoose
Day 17 – Wolf Spider
Day 18 – Lava
Day 19 – Coffee
Day 20 – Whale
Day 21 – Eeveelution
Day 22 – Seashell
Day 23 – Octopus
Day 24 – Luau
Day 25 – A Tropical-themed forme of an old Pokémon
Day 26 – New Mega Evolution for an old Pokémon
Day 27 – Legendary Trio #1 (volcano)
Day 28 – Legendary Trio #2 (rainforest)
Day 29 – Legendary Trio #3 (ocean)
Day 30 – Legendary based on an eclipse

To get things started off, I’ll give you a preview of Day 1’s fakemon, the Rowlet evolutions:

rowlet evos silhouettes

Stay tuned for more, & good luck to those of you who are attempting the challenge!

~ Oripoke