Fakeathon Recap

30 days later and here we are! It’s been an exciting June, with E3 and lots of exciting Pokémon Sun and Moon information coming at us constantly. In fact, today they revealed 7 more official Pokémon designs. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for a celebration of what makes Pokémon so special to all of us: the weird, diverse, and lovable creatures that inhabit its world.

But enough about that; let’s talk Fakemon!

The Great June 2016 Fakeathon – A Recap

With the Fakeathon, the goal was simple: create one fakemon a day for 30 days. Easy, right? As it turns out, sticking to a goal consistently ended up being much tougher than expected. But other participants made some incredible contributions!

Here’s a selection of some of my absolute favorite designs that some of the other participants created. There were so many great additions it was hard to pick! You can click through to the artists’ galleries to check out their other work.

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These are just the tip of the iceberg; there are so many fantastic designs that I couldn’t possibly showcase them all here!

I did, however, create a tumblr blog to consolidate all the fakeathon entries that were published there. Check it out to see the amazing variety of designs people made!

My Designs

Due to a combination of business, apathy, and time spent working on Uranium, I ended up completing only about half of the daily prompts. But I was largely satisfied with what I managed to come up with; hopefully you will like them, too!

Day 1 – Rowlet Evolutions

01 Rowlet Tropicowl Tytonifer

Rowlet -> Tropicowl -> Tytonifer

Tropicowl stores seeds underneath its wings. As it flies, it scatters them across the land and helps flowers grow in fertile soil.

Tytonifer’s mystic powers allow it to be in tune with the changing seasons. Ancient people relied upon them to know the right dates to plant and harvest crops.

For a start to the fakeathon, my Rowlet evolutions are somewhat inauspicious. I didn’t have any particularly creative ideas for the final evolution, so it’s simply an extension of the “grass owl” concept. I imagine Rowlet’s real evolution will introduce a new concept in addition to that – something like “acrobat” or “ringleader” (see: SirAquakip’s Rowlet Evolution designs above.

Or an archer, maybe.

Day 2 – Tiki

02 Tikiki Frikitiki

Tikiki -(fire stone)-> Frikitiki
[normal] -> [normal/fire]

The Tiki Mask Pokemon
It hides its true face behind a wooden mask. They will often convene in order to dance elaborate dances.

The Tiki Torch Pokemon
It produces deep bellows and thumps from within its mask that can be heard for miles. It can summon all the Tikiki in an area and together they make music by drumming on their masks.

The most fun part about this was designing a tiki mask. There are so many cool patterns and shapes! There are a lot of ways to go with this prompt, I chose to make a creature that always wears a mask since those are cool concepts to me (think like Shy Guys from Mario). Actually this line has a lot in common with Mario designs I think.

EDIT: These guys made it into Pokemon Uranium! They got a re-type to be Grass and Grass/Fire respectively.

Day 3 – Dolphin

03 Findolf Dolfaucet Hydrophin

Findolf -(17)-> Dolfaucet -(36)-> Hydrophin

The Fin Pokémon
It is adapted to survive on both water and land. It uses the blowhole on the top of its head to breathe.

The Jet Pokémon
It sprays water forcefully from the jets on its forehead and hands. These can be used to attack or to propel it through the water at high speeds.

The Fountain Pokémon
The tank on its back can store both water and air. This enables it to reach unheard-of depths in ocean chasms.

Findolf probably seems more than a little familiar to long-time readers. It already made an appearance this year as one of the starters in Pokemon Rising Rainbow. Now, it’s back, with evolutions! The truth is that Findolf and its evolutions were first conceptualized a long time ago. They’re water starters, although I never got around to drawing the corresponding Fire and Grass starters. I wouldn’t say no to including them in a real game project someday.

Day 4 – Goat

04 Billyvolt

The Jagged Horn Pokémon
It has a strong spine and can carry a rider on its back. They are exceptionally quick but are known for their temper, sometimes throwing off their riders in fits of irritation.

Billyvolt was directly inspired by Gogoat. I wanted to make an electric-type counterpart to it in the same way that Zebstrika and Rapidash are alike. It could have a cute preevolution like Skiddo, too, or it could be a single-stage.

Day 5 – Hibiscus

05 Lua

Lua -> ??????? -> ????????
The Flower Child Pokemon
When in good condition, the flower on its head blooms spectacularly and gives off a pleasant scent. When Lua is stressed or hurt, the colors fade and the flower wilts.

Lua has ears to set it apart from similar Pokemon like Bellossom and Flabebe. It was going to have 2 evolutions: Lualei and Aloluau. I might still draw them.

Day 6 – Frog

06 Psychotoad

The Toxic Skin Pokémon

Its skin and saliva contains a psychotropic poison. Contact with it can cause a range of symptoms, from mild headaches to full-blown hallucinations.

This one gave me some trouble. I eventually ended up using Google Image Search to pull up pictures of frogs, and drawing from those until I got an idea for the design. From that and the concept of “hallucinogenic toad” it came together quite quickly. Real-life poisonous animals often have bright colors to warn predators of their toxicity; so it was easy for me to pick colors that likewise stood out. The name I chose is a bit cheesy, I’ll admit, but it’s also descriptive and memorable.

Day 7 – Litten Evolution

07 Litten Tabblaze Sabraflare

Litten -(16)-> Tabblaze -(36)-> Sabraflare
[fire] – [fire] – [fire/dark]

Tabblaze is constantly grooming its long, fluffy fur. It does this in order to accumulate flammable hairs which stoke the roaring flame inside its body.

The internal temperature of a Sabraflare can reach over 10,000 degrees F. It has to continually vent heat from its mouth and its spine in order to prevent from overheating. Its bite is strong enough to crumple steel.

Litten is definitely becoming a Fire/Dark type. There’s no way it’ll be Fire/Fighting. Noooo way.

Day 8 – Sea Slug

08 Prinsea


The Sea Nymph Pokémon
It thrives in warm, shallow seas among coral reefs. Seeing it is said to be a sign that good fortune will come your way.

I included the sea slug prompt because i love nudibranchs and i want others to draw them too. Unfortunately this prompt ended up giving me a lot of trouble because i’ve already made multiple nudibranch inspired designs. So it was hard trying to come up with a new design that wasn’t redundant.

Day 9 – Hawk

09 Hawklet Clawsprey

Hawklet -(lv28)-> Clawsprey
The Eagle Hawk Pokémon

Its eyes open at a young age and it leaves the nest shortly thereafter. Hawklet are solitary, and will often get into squabbles over territory.

It hunts from high up in the air, using its keen vision to pinpoint prey on the ground. When it sees a target, it pulls into a dive at speeds that can reach Mach 1.


Day 10 – Palm Tree

10 Palmuana

The Palm Frond Pokémon

It is known to be incredibly lazy, basking in the sun for most of its waking hours and sleeping from sunset until sunrise. The only time it moves quickly is when prey happens to pass by, snapping it up in less than a second.

It’s, uh, different from Alola Exeggutor, that’s for sure. Although it looks more like a dragon-type. I just realized that the typing, description, and gimmick is already similar to my existing fakemon based on a palm tree: Cocaran, Cararalm & Cocancer.

Day 11 – Butterfly

11 Timaeufly

??? -> ??? -> Timaeufly
The Butterfly Effect Pokémon

It gathers in areas where the space-time continuum is thin or damaged. By flapping its wings, it can alter time and probability in mysterious and arcane ways.

Ability – Uncertainty: Allows Timaeufly to manipulate the game’s RNG to benefit itself. Causes enemy attacks to miss and secondary effects to occur more often.

This one was tricky, but a fun design. I think I need some more time (heh) to re-work it into something I’d feel satisfied about putting in an actual game, though. When a door closes, a window opens… or something like that.

Day 12 – Tropical Fish

12 Elefin Volteel

Elefin -(ThunderStone)-> Volteel
The Pulse Pokémon

It swims in schools made up of many of its kind. They communicate by sending electromagnetic pulses through the water. Any other Pokémon caught in the crossfire of their conversation might receive a nasty shock.

It uses electrical pulses to relax its muscles and accelerate itself through the water. It reaches deep chasms, using the glowing light of its scales to pinpoint prey.

Pokemon are mainly made up of shapes. With these, I focused on giving them each a strong, clear silhouette, and then chose colors to complement each other on an otherwise simple design.

Day 13 – Pig

13 Piglith Boarberyl

Piglith -> Boarberyl
The Diamond Tusk Pokemon

Its eyesight is poor and it often ends up charging into things and crashing. Fortunately its body is sturdy and it has no trouble getting up again when it falls over.

The crystal that makes up Boarberyl’s body is incredibly hard and shatterproof. Because of this it is often overconfident, charging recklessly ahead into battle.

Ability; Rock Head & Reckless
Moves; Rollout, Headbutt, Fury Attack, Take Down, Stone Edge, Rock Polish

When designing a Pokemon, I find it helps to envision what kinds of moves it can learn and what type of attitude it has. I think that’s especially obvious with these designs.

Day 19 – Coffee

19 Caffiend

The Jitters Pokémon

It subsists on a diet of espresso beans and nothing else. Its jittery movements are often too rapid for the naked eye to follow.

It’s not often I make a fakemon that is purely autobiographical, but this one is. I chose the type ground/dark because it sounds like a blend of coffee.

Day 30 – Eclipse

30 Ursaclipse

The Great Bear Pokemon

Legends say that it once ate the moon and the sun, creating a twilight that lasted for years. Its incredible power is held in check by Lunala and Solgaleo.

Last day! And it’s a legendary, supposed to be the “trio master” for the cover legends of Sun & Moon. I based it on Native American myths and the Ursa Major constellation.

Until Next Time,

~ Oripoke


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